Patient and Family Resources

At Atlantic Surgical Oncology, we believe that when patients have knowledge about all aspects of cancer and related treatments, they are able to better cope with their illness. We work with Carol G. Simon Cancer Center at Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center for the following services: Learn more > 

Nurse Navigators
When the diagnosis is cancer, you need unified, comprehensive care which may integrate various treament options along with supportive care services. Expertly-trained nurse navigators work with patients to coordinate a seamless continuum of care. Among many responsibilities, nurse navigators meet with you to answer any questions about treatment options, explain medical terms, and assist with your follow-up care. Our practice has a designated gastrointestinal nurse navigator to help our patients through the course of treating their cancer. Learn more >

Resource Navigators
Resource navigators are available every day of the week at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center to help minimize the burden of cancer on patients and their caregivers. These non-medical volunteers are extensively trained to provide information on resources and programs that assist patients before, during and after cancer treatment. Learn more >

Child Life Program
The certified child life specialists at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center are specially trained to help children and their families understand and manage the diagnosis of cancer for their loved one. Children are provided the opportunity to meet with a child life specialist who can help them cope with family illness, hospitalization, outpatient medical interventions and other concerns that may arise from cancer diagnosis or treatment. Learn more >

Mind, Body, Spirit
Integrative medicine therapies empower cancer patients to take an active role in their healing and improve
the quality of their lives. Learn more about these programs >

Survivorship and Post-Treatment
After cancer treatment, many patients may experience uncertainties when readjusting to daily life – when to return to work, what sort of dietary changes to expect, how much exercise to get or how to re-establish relationships. The question inevitably is, "Now what?" Learn more about the survivorship programs at Carol G. Simon Cancer Center >

Speech Therapy
If surgery is the best option for you and you need speech therapy, our highly-experienced team will work with you and your caregivers for early functional recovery.  Learn more >

Nutritional Counseling
Oncology dieticians at Morristown Medical Center will help you develop a nutritional plan that is right for you and will help you fight cancer, and improve your outcome. Learn more >

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